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Unlock the full potential of your customer database with SEO NOW's Email Marketing solutions. We create personalized and engaging email campaigns that nurture customer relationships, drive conversions, and increase customer lifetime value. From segmentation and automation to compelling copywriting and design, our Email Marketing services deliver results that matter.

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    What is
    Email Marketing?

    Exactly how it sounds, email marketing involves creating and sending well-crafted emails to a targeted group of current and potential customers. Email marketing enriches business relationships, keeps current customers informed, and offers promotions and incentives that drive brand loyalty.

    The Value
    Of Email Marketing

    There’s a good reason 85% of U.S. retailers consider this form of marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics! Because you engage with people that are already somewhat familiar with your brand, the rate of conversion tends to exceed other forms of marketing.

    According to a recent study, email’s ROI is 42-to-1. The best part: it’s incredibly easy to track your ROI. You can track everything with the right campaign software. It eliminates a lot of the guesswork associated with traditional forms of marketing. You can see who opens your emails, who clicks onto your site via email, and more.

    Things To Consider
    During Email Marketing

    Before you start, you need a contact list to send your emails. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. We have strategies to help you build one.

    You must follow anti-spam laws specific to your area (Or work with an agency that does). Your contacts need to give their consent to receive electronic communication, and spamming your email subscribers will damage your brand reputation. This form of marketing doesn’t typically generate new customers but works wonders in driving revenue through nurturing your existing customer database.

    Asked Questions

    You can build your email lists through a number of strategies. Make sure to give visitors on your site a place to opt-in for email updates with a strong Call-to-Action. You can do this through pop-up boxes or by creating sign up forms strategically throughout your site (If you don’t know how to set this up, we can help!)

    Running paid campaigns on Google or social can help target potential customers looking to join your mailing list. Your business should also provide a place to collect emails when new customers make a purchase.


    The rules of email marketing vary by region and country, but most places require getting permission from recipients in order to send them emails. For example, the US Federal Trade Commission passed the CAN-SPAM Act in 2013, giving recipients the right to stop receiving emails and text messages for marketing purposes and enforces tough penalties for violations. In order to avoid these penalties, make sure to follow anti-spam laws specific to your area, or work with an agency that knows the regulations.

    Your business shouldn’t just send messages to anyone and needs to receive permission in order to send marketing emails. Email marketing laws differ by region, but generally you need to either get express permission from someone who wishes to subscribe to emails or implied permission from customers who have already purchased your products or services.

    Think of email marketing as a tool to nurture relationships with potential customers, engage with current customers, and promote offers that drive customer loyalty. This cost-effective marketing strategy helps increase brand awareness, promote products and services, and keep customers informed of the latest news related to your business and industry.